From Chaos to Peace

“Owning less is better than organizing more.”

-Joshua Becker

This quote by Joshua Becker, from Becoming Minimalist, really got me. I am always trying to think of ways to be more organized! My home feels to be in a state of chaos often. Maybe part of the reason I am overwhelmed is because with a chronic illness you only have so much energy. I don’t want to waste what little I have cleaning up stuff!

For me, the answer is not more organization, but owning less. So much of it are things I rarely, if ever, use. I usually wear the same articles of clothing each week, so why do need the rest?

Just recently, I took every single article of clothing out and physically touched each thing. I was able to fill 3 garbage bags full of clothes and organized nicely the things that remained. It felt so good and it really seemed like I had gotten rid of a lot. Now, weeks later, I am still overwhelmed with all that I have in my closet! Now what do I do?

I will keep trying to simplify.

It will be a process. This will not happen overnight. Some things will be easy to purge out, while going through momentos or books will be very difficult.

I took a couple evenings this past week and went through pictures. It was fun to journey down memory lane but difficult to actually throw pictures away. These are pictures that came before digitally uploading everything. The reality that after I throw them away, they are gone for good weighed on my mind. I pushed through and I got my collection down to one small shoe box!

For me, this is a journey of striving to live a life of simplicity. A journey of contentment. I have really struggled to be content with where I am at in life and with what I have. This discontentment will not be solved just with simplifying to just what I need physically, but by doing so I pray it will help lead me to a life of contentment in every area of my life. Decluttering and owning less is not just an outward process but an inward one as well.