I have never considered myself a writer and honestly did not like to write much, but it is a a craft I have come to enjoy. These posts will not be eloquently written or even exciting, but just me sharing a bit of my journey, what God is teaching me and new passions in my life. My hope is that through this blog I will see more of God’s hand in this journey that I have a difficult time making sense of and that maybe someone can gain encouragement.

A little about me…I grew up in Florida and the beach is my comfort place. I am the middle of three girls, raised by two incredible parents. I am truly blessed with the family God has given me. My sisters are my best friends. I remember my mom telling me growing up, when my older sister and I were not getting along, that someday she would be one of my best friends. At that time, I could not imagine that, but my mom proved to be right (music to her ears I’m sure!).

In college, I was one of those who changed their major several times and even colleges. But I did eventually land on one major and one college. I attended Moody Bible Institute with a major in Pre-Counseling in the heart of Chicago. These were truly years I will cherish forever! It was an honor and a gift to study God’s Word in-depth for college….amazing! I developed formative friendships in my time there, who some I believe will be lifelong friends, no matter the distance.

One in particular made the most profound impact on my life, an adorable boy with long curly red hair and great dimples, who I met after only one month at Moody. He turned out to be one of my closest friends. However, I had not realized how great of an impact he had on my life, or my heart, until six months after graduation, when we lived on opposite sides of the country. This adorable boy I met when I was 19 turned into a handsome man who I am honored to say is now my husband.

We have lived in 3 states in the 3 1/2 years we have been married. A lot of change has occurred. We currently live in Florida and decided to move here so we could be near my family as I received treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease. This is a major part of my life and is something that I will write on frequently.

This is just a brief synopsis of me. There is a lot God is teaching me through my circumstances right now, but it can be heart wrenching. I am learning more about the heart of my Lord and what it means to truly surrender. The past few years have been some of the best (newly married, yay!) and yet some of the hardest that I have had to endure. I know God is sovereign and that it is only through His strength that I am finding perseverance in the midst of this season.

My sister and I were talking about the saying “God won’t give you more than you can handle.” I do not think this is accurate. I believe that there are times in life when we are presented with circumstances that are more than we can handle. It is only through God and His strength that we are able to walk through life. God does not promise an easy road, but He is faithful and carries us through.


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