Love Lived Out

I am not a mushy or sentimental person…at least I did not use to be. I am becoming more so since marrying Andrew.

Let me tell you, this man is the sweetest and most verbally affirming person I know. He is constantly telling me I am beautiful, what he likes most about me, or how proud of me he is. This is not something that just happened when we started dating. Even back in college through our “just friends” years, he affirmed me and who I was. Although, it changed a bit when started dating!

As of today, we have been married 4 years. These first years are nothing what I imagined they would be when I dreamed of being married. I was sick going into marriage and there was a time when I was bedridden. My poor health has affected every aspect of our lives, especailly our marriage.

Although it has been difficult, my illness has made marriage all the more beautiful. God has shown me ever more intimately the depth of His love for me. Andrew has been His vessel in showing me His love.

There have been some dark times for me over the last 4 years where I did not feel God with me. But I never doubted that He was indeed there. All I had to do was look at my faithfully loving husband and know.

Andrew has…

held me in the midst of pain.

cried with me when brokenhearted.

carried me (literally & figuratively) when I had no strength to walk on my own.

loved me through my darkest times.

cared for me physically and emotionally.

encouraged me in the midst of discouragement.

sacrificed himself daily for me.

The list could go on. Every day Andrew shows me the love of Jesus. A sacrificial love that can only come from the Lord. God is so gracious, He has given me the gift of a husband who loves and seeks to know Him.

So, as I look back at these 4 years of marriage, I am incredibly thankful for how God has used them to show me more of who He is. Thankful for the man He has given me to walk alongside of in this life. I am thankful that He has brought two broken, imperfect people, such as we are, together in this beautiful covenant of marriage.

My prayer is that God would continue to protect our marriage and most importantly, be glorified through it.


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