A Constant Battle

One of the greatest supports for my body, as I have been in treatment for Lyme Disease, has been having a clean and healthy diet. Imagine that! Fresh, whole food helps my body fight, rejuvenate and heal. As I have said before, we are either feeding disease or fighting it!

Thanks to the support of my husband and family, this lifestyle change was made easier. My sweet husband has joined me in solidarity in giving up the things that were most difficult…coffee and sweets. That is love! We have been on this journey for over two years now. For the most part, I did pretty well with a slip every now and then. Then I started an administrative job…

There are constantly pastries, chocolate and cookies here in our office. All things that I used to LOVE! For the first month or two, I was able to have self control but then I started tasting little pieces. That led to a downward spiral. The lack of control I exhibited with food at work discouraged  me.

In an effort to stop this, I created a small sign to put on my desk with a quote to encourage me and with a list of reminders of what I am fighting for. Having this reminder with positive self encouragement has been helpful. It is amazing how the attitude you choose to have has the power to transform the way you live!

As I have been thinking more about it, I find it interesting that as I have been learning to implement a life of decrease in many areas of my life, this struggle with food has arisen. It is ingrained in us to want more. Normally I associate this with belongings, but the same can be applied to food and other areas of life as well.

The same reasons I am drawn to minimalism of possessions can also be applied to the way I eat. What needs to change is my mindset. With prayer and accountability, I am getting back on track. My body is responding quickly to this with more energy and less pain!


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