Lyme Disease

The Daily Fight Against Chronic Lyme Disease 2.25.16

My life looks very different then a healthy 27 year old normally would. It is full of timing medications, doctor appointments, lots of food prep, detox routines and continually having to change my schedule due to my health. Sometimes it is ugly and difficult, but there is such beauty in it as well.

I am continually amazed by God. He has created our bodies to do all sorts of awesome things! If we treat our bodies kindly by watching what we put into them, exercising and making sure we detox properly then our bodies will function better. Sometimes we have absolutely no control over what happens to our bodies and how it malfunctions but we do have control over how we treat it. I can only imagine how if I had lived a healthy lifestyle like I am now before I got this disease, then my body would have been prepared to fight this disease.

There are many lifestyle changes that I have had to make, but the most difficult has been my eating habits. I have strict dietary restrictions that entail cutting out gluten, dairy and processed sugar (although I also limit my daily natural sugar intake as well) and primarily eating organic. A lot of people mean so well and are quick to tell me or show me the gluten free options at whatever event I am at, but most of the time I am not able to eat it even if it is gluten free. So what do I eat? Select protein, fruit and LOTS of vegetables for the most part. I generally don’t eat anything from a box or can but only fresh. It was terribly difficult in the beginning but it has gotten easier over time. I hear a lot from people that buying organic is just to expensive and that they could never do it. It can be expensive but I see how different it makes my body feel when I eat organic versus non-organic. If you can’t do organic, you can still get fresh produce at an affordable price. Although I may not always be as strict as I have to be right now, I will continue to live a lifestyle where I eat fresh. A phrase I say numerous times a day is You are either FEEDING disease or FIGHTING it!

Since my body is so overwhelmed with toxins, I spend a lot of time making sure I am detoxing. I have learned through testing that my body does not detox properly, so I have to make an extra effort to help it to do so. How I eat is one way I help my body detox but these are some more ways. Daily I have a fresh green juice (that my husband lovingly makes for me before he goes to work in the morning), use parsley or burbur drops, and a detox foot/full bath. I attempt to do dry skin brushing, re-bounder, and hot/cold showers to get my lymphatic system going but have not become the most disciplined with it yet. But I will get there! I go to the gym for a light workout 3-4 times a week and end it with 30 minutes in a sauna (this is time consuming but so beneficial). Also, twice a month I have a Lymphatic Drainage massage or a Swedish massage to get my lymphatic system going and ease the pain I have daily. I am sure I am forgetting something but these are most of them. These can all be time consuming so I have to be very disciplined in order to maintain it all. When I slack off or my routine is thrown off, I feel the effects. So, it is so very important to keep up with it.

Another part of my day is making sure I am timing all my meds appropriately. I take a lot of supplements, herbs, and homeopathic meds that all have different times in the day that I need to take them. Some of them can interact so I have to be sure to space them accordingly. So, those who see me a lot know I take a travel med case everywhere. I also bring my essential oils everywhere with me! You never know when a need for them will arise.

Rest. I daily have to make sure I have time in my day for rest. Some days I need more time then others but it is a daily thing I must have. When I fill my day up it really wears on me and the repercussions are not fun. If I don’t get the rest my body needs, I can be on the couch for days. So, I have to say no to a lot of things, pray people will understand and that they won’t stop inviting me. The isolation can be very diffic

   The years since I have been sick have been very difficult. I know God can heal me in an instant but He has chosen not to for whatever reason and I may never know what that reason is. What I do know is that God is in control of my life and if me being sick brings Him more glory then me being healthy that is what I want. That does not mean I have stopped asking for healing. Sometimes it is a desperate cry for Him to heal me but I ultimately have perfect peace no matter how He answers my cries. Even if I never feel completely healthy again in this life, I will continue to praise and trust in God. Going through this has caused me to really think about suffering in a way I never had before. People interpret Scripture in regards to healing very differently and some can be very painful to those who have not been healed. Through painful interactions, it has led to a deeper study of what God’s Word says about suffering and healing. May it all be for His glory.


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